Damn I really took the bay area for granted. I realized that even I told myself not to take it for granted while I was there I still find myself missing home. Maybe I didn’t take it for granted but still I miss the bay area alot. It’s a very special place and it’s my home. I realized that it’s good to be away from home because without this experience I really would have never knew how special of a place the bay area was. Even when exploring out of the country I would miss home but in college it sucks. People say they have alot more freedom here but for me it’s totally different. Back at home everyone trusted me and I could do whatever I wanted. In college I am overwatched by RAs and other officials. This makes me really want to drop out because it makes me realize that school is also as oppressive. I feel like our whole lives has lead us to believe that in order to live a successful life we need to conform and work for companies we don’t want to, and do jobs we don’t enjoy. But in all honesty if you work towards something and if you work hard enough money will still come. There are ways to make livings off of passions. I believe that that idea is more successful than any corporate job out there. I want to pursue my interest in photography. I want to make that my living, I don’t want to be a conformist instead I want to live off of my passion and do something I really enjoy.


China Series

My laptop just recently got fixed which means all my China pictures are back! It’s almost been a month but I’ma blog about my trip to China anyways.

The Flight

My journey to China started with a “pleasant” flight from SFO. The woman on the bottom right was carrying a 5D in her bag. A vietnamese female photographer, she was the most elegant and beautiful woman I had a chance to see through out the whole trip!

A nice read for the plane ride.

Tuna salad sandwich, first meal of the day. Right before departure.

A decent meal considering it was plane food.My ride pretty much consisted of reading this book, “Inside Of a Dog” it’s a pretty interesting read if you’re a dog lover like I am.