The Road

Ever since I’ve moved to Socal I’ve been driving alot. Everywhere in Socal is so wide spead apart. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the different landscapes I drive around everyday. As a photography enthusiast I had to take these Iphone shots. Follow me on Instragram for more. @marvtchanProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset



Damn I really took the bay area for granted. I realized that even I told myself not to take it for granted while I was there I still find myself missing home. Maybe I didn’t take it for granted but still I miss the bay area alot. It’s a very special place and it’s my home. I realized that it’s good to be away from home because without this experience I really would have never knew how special of a place the bay area was. Even when exploring out of the country I would miss home but in college it sucks. People say they have alot more freedom here but for me it’s totally different. Back at home everyone trusted me and I could do whatever I wanted. In college I am overwatched by RAs and other officials. This makes me really want to drop out because it makes me realize that school is also as oppressive. I feel like our whole lives has lead us to believe that in order to live a successful life we need to conform and work for companies we don’t want to, and do jobs we don’t enjoy. But in all honesty if you work towards something and if you work hard enough money will still come. There are ways to make livings off of passions. I believe that that idea is more successful than any corporate job out there. I want to pursue my interest in photography. I want to make that my living, I don’t want to be a conformist instead I want to live off of my passion and do something I really enjoy.


College is coming up in 3 weeks and I am finally starting to feel it. I understand that when I leave, home will never be home again. Coming back will never be the same and to think of that partially saddens me. I feel an awful amount of trepidation whenever moving comes into mind. I am anxious and feel uneasy but at the same time I know that I am ready to move and to learn and to experience so much more that is out there. The anticipation is killing me because I honestly have no idea what lies ahead. I really can not think of leaving sometimes and leaving behind my family. Especially my uncle, he really spent the most time with me in my whole life and has always been there for me. He always is more of a parent to me than anyone else in the world. Leaving him will be the hardest. In the end I know I will be okay though. I always end up okay and I know college will have so much in store for me. I will have the time of my life and I will become a better version of myself within the next upcoming years. Until next time.
IMG_2045When one door closes another one opens”

China Series

My laptop just recently got fixed which means all my China pictures are back! It’s almost been a month but I’ma blog about my trip to China anyways.

The Flight

My journey to China started with a “pleasant” flight from SFO. The woman on the bottom right was carrying a 5D in her bag. A vietnamese female photographer, she was the most elegant and beautiful woman I had a chance to see through out the whole trip!

A nice read for the plane ride.

Tuna salad sandwich, first meal of the day. Right before departure.

A decent meal considering it was plane food.My ride pretty much consisted of reading this book, “Inside Of a Dog” it’s a pretty interesting read if you’re a dog lover like I am.


Being a Teen

Just had another mixed emotionally long day one would experience as a teen. Working for my mother has it’s ups and downs but at the end of the day I truly wish the best for her and want to help her with all I can. But anyways, after work I headed out with a spontaneous group that I had never hungout with together at a time. It ended well, like every other spontaneous thing I do with my life. A comforting end to a depressing and tiring day. I don’t really have the fuel to go out as much as I used to anymore, it’s a bit scary.

Our chef had a popped tire, had to pick him up before work.

Come visit us =) 2315 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda Ca.

My doggies Momo and Kobe.My momma, aka my momma look alike that has my aunt’s features hahaha.

Peterpanda.Tiffany, which concludes the random spontaneous group of friends on a late night outing.


Back in the day before my license biking would be my main source of transportation. For a while I was really into bikes and such, that hobby soon wore off. But recently I’ve been gaining a potential interest towards longboarding, I’ve been lagging on getting one though.

The Outlook

To better organize my thoughts, arts, and life I decided to newly begin blogging on this site. Be ready to expect pictures, videos, and random thoughts that I will project as the days go by.
Interesting Fact: I have ornithophobia.

Interesting Fact: I have Ornithophobia.